Play all Web3 games from one place

Play games without a need to discover on which chain is the game running. Simplio is a completely multichain solution, supporting all games on all chains and providing free access and instant play of Web3 games within the application.

One registration, one avatar

Choose any Web3 game listed in our marketplace and play it with only one registration, one avatar and one self-custodial wallet. You don’t need to repeat the registration process again and again for any new game you want to try and you can switch among multiple games as you want.

Purchase game token directly

Purchase game tokens and NFTs via debit or credit card directly in the app with one single click. if you want to withdraw your earnings, transfer them back to your card or virtual IBAN account.

Exchange any token to any other

Swap among tokens no matter on which chain they are with one single click of the button. Our cross chain feature supports any to any swaps without leaving the app an using any other service.

One self custodial wallet

One self custodial wallet to buy, swap, send and receive any game tokens on any chains. Your private keys stay under your control.

No need to use multiple providers or wallets

No more switching among wallets! No MetaMask, no Phantom, no more exchanges, bridges and other solutions! Our wallet solution is the last that you will ever need.