Game Developers

Easy onboarding for Web2 and Web3 gamers

Existing gamers can simply jump from any game on any chain to your game and play instantly. Newcomers can see your game immediately after entering the app, read every detail about your game, visit your socials, and check your token price and NFTs with no registration.

Ready-to-use self custodial wallet service

Automatic wallet creation for your users. One wallet for all game tokens on any chains. No more switching among wallets! No MetaMask, no Phantom, no other solutions! Our wallet solution is the last that gamers will ever need.

Ready-to-use wallet connect

Immediate free connection to your mobile or desktop game.

Purchase your game token directly

There is no need to implement your own complex solutions which enable users to buy game tokens and NFTs with one button click. Gamers use credit or debit card to purchase your token or NFTs directly.

Exchange any coin to your game token

Token owners can easily swap among tokens no matter on which chain they are within the app.

A new revenue stream

Game owners are eligible to receive part of the fee if a user buys their tokens or NFTs in the Simplio app or swaps into their token from another game's token.


Promote your game If you want to use the revenue, that you made in Simplio, for further growth of your project, buy TOP positions in our app, spread the news about your project or just promote your game by offering early NFTs or other rewards to all users of the Simplio app.

Networking effect

An influx of new gamers as everyone using Simplio can jump into your game. Another chain's gamers will also play your game on a different chain without studying how to participate in your game and what solution or wallet to use.