Simplio is a multichain mobile application available for both Android and iOS which offers you a fast and direct access to Web3 gaming.
Simplio allows you to search and play various Web3 games, buy tokens and NFTs with debit card and swap them to other asset running on any blockchain without need to use other providers, service or wallet.

Core Functions

Discover GameFi world
Simplio application is the last tool users will ever need to penetrate Web3 gaming. Intuitive game marketplace with all functionalities that gamers might need. Instant gameplay, purchase, sale and exchange of game assets without knowing what crypto is about.
Click & Play
Free access and instant play Web3 games within the application. Users can easily choose any Web3 game listed in our marketplace and play it with one registration, one avatar and one self-custodial wallet. No Metamask, no Phantom needed. With automatic wallet creation and a similar environment as Web2, even inexperienced users can quickly start playing Web3 games. If players look for a game that is not listed in our marketplace yet or is just a desktop game, they can easily connect and play with our application by scanning the QR code.
Purchase game token
Purchase via debit or credit card is an integral part of the application. Users who need any game token or NFT can easily buy it for fiat within the app. On the other hand, if users want to withdraw their earnings, they can easily transfer them back to their card or virtual IBAN account.
Swap any to any game asset
Simplio´s any to any feature allows all the users to swap among game tokens and NFTs with one single click of the button. No external solutions like exchanges, additional registrations, bridges and other wallets. Users do not need to study which chain they are on or what solution to use for a simple swap.